We are the company that created KANTHAL® alloy 90 years ago

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  • Premium Quality

    Premium Quality

    The consistent high quality of our Genuine Kanthal wire gives your projects longer life and ease of production. We’re also ISO 14001:2015 certified.

  • Professional Choice

    Professional Choice

    Many top-tier research institutes and global companies have chosen KANTHAL® wire. Our products and service always live up to customer expectations.

  • Inhouse Melt-to-Finish

    Inhouse Melt-to-Finish

    90 years of alloy experience sets our standard. Originally from Sweden, now a global supply chain.

  • Heating Experts

    Heating Experts

    Our heating gurus are always by your side and eager to share their heating expertise with you.

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  • Kanthal® A1

    Kanthal® A1

    For most demanding applications

    A.k.a. Alloy 875

    • Checkmark
      Highest temperature
    • Checkmark
      Best protective oxide layer
  • Kanthal® D

    Kanthal® D

    Born for appliance appplications

    A.k.a. Alloy 815, AWS-825, Alchrome D

    • Checkmark
      Better protective oxide layer
    • Checkmark
      Cost-effective choice compare to A1
  • Nikrothal® 80

    Nikrothal® 80

    For a variety of applications

    A.k.a. Alloy 650, Nichrome 80, Chromel A, Tophet A

    • Checkmark
      Very good wet corrosion resistance
    • Checkmark
      Protective oxide layer
    • Checkmark
      Ductile after use
  • Nikrothal® 60

    Nikrothal® 60

    First choice suspended elelment

    A.k.a. Alloy 675, Nichrome 60, Chromel C, Tophet C

    • Checkmark
      Great hot strength
    • Checkmark
      Protective oxide layer
    • Checkmark
      Ductile after use
  • Quick Delivery

    Quick Delivery

  • Sustainable Choice

    Sustainable Choice

  • Trusted by professionals

    Trusted by professionals